The coming clash of civilizations?
by Abri Brancken
Written: 15 May 2012

Let me start off by saying that the information I am about to share in this article is the result of careful observation and analyzing of world events as well as a fair amount of research I have done concerning the topic. Thus, I am not claiming that this article is prophetic in nature but rather based on informed observation concerning the topic at hand. It is important for me that you take note of this because often people accept everything pastors or prophetically gifted people say as a word from God, without realizing that this might not necessarily be the case. So, what you read here is me speaking, although I do believe my conclusions carry weight and are most probably accurate.

Over recent years we have seen a number of major changes happening in the world. These include economical, political and social changes. Some changes and events dominated the mainstream media, while others went almost unnoticed. If there is something that is happening right now which I do believe is happening under the radar but is going to become a major news focus in the coming years it is the growing birth pains of civilization clashes between Islam and the West, more especially within Europe. Over the last 30 years Muslim have moved into Europe, England and the US by their millions. Although these people are living in these nations, many of these Muslim communities have not integrated into the free world's way of living. They want to reap the benefits of what capitalism, freedom of religion, speech, media and so forth have to offer, yet they often are not willing to pay a price in contributing towards these values, often isolating themselves by forming closed communities which resonate at their core the cultural and religious identities of the nations from which they have come. Also, Muslim extremists sporadically surface within such communities, conveying intolerable and hostile attitudes towards the so called infidel who does not follow the path of Islam. What they seem to forget is that the majority of Europeans do not necessarily uphold Islamic religious convictions and do not want to be governed by Sharia law. In fact, an increasing number of Europeans are becoming more and more uncomfortable with this, not only because it is happening in their back yard, but also because it undermines the so called heartbeat of the free world.

Cultures are and have always been very diverse. Needless to say it is still the case especially with the nature of modern global politics and its various social structures and values. We all know that the Western nations are known for their strong emphasis on issues such as freedom of speech, capitalist free market economy, human rights and democracy. I do not necessarily fully agree with the results produced by all of this but never the less, this is how the West operates. The fact of the matter is that when Muslims from especially dominant Islamic States move to countries like France, Germany, England and the like and remain loyal to that which strongly contradicts the societies' value system in which they now live, problems begin to arise. How do you integrate societies which differ so greatly? Needless to say, it is not easily done. There must be a degree of compromise for it to work, a common ground that needs to be found or else cultural friction will ignite the fire of greater division. Multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, not even to mention multi-religious environments within societies are not born over night. All parties involved need to work at it or else nothing but conflict will come from it. To date I have not seen a dedicated and conscious effort being made by all the parties involved and therefore it leaves little doubt in my mind that one of the primary sources of conflict in the future will be along cultural and religious lines. I cannot but see the various nations within Europe, those who embrace Western life and values, rise up to defend their various cultural identities. If things do not change, the table is set for a modern day clash of civilizations. Islam's intolerable attitude towards the West and what the West stands for will be one of the primary sources of conflict in time to come.

Without mutual cultural respect you cannot have peaceful coexistence. Without all the parties embracing an attitude of tolerance, you find hostility, suspicion and hate soaring the skies and walking the streets. In order for Muslim communities in Europe, the UK, the US and other western states to be seen as more than an internally arising problem, extreme Islamic radicals need to rethink what they stand for and promote, for such views will not remain unchallenged indefinitely for much longer. I am by no means saying that all Muslim communities are radical, but it takes just a view extreme Muslims to derail the cart. I recently spoke to a Professor in Islamic studies who travels the world extensively. According to his observation civilization clashes, especially within Europe, is a far greater possibility than we might believe.

Unless a deliberate and concerted effort is made by Muslim communities living in Europe to combat extremists and respect the Western way of life , I foresee trouble.