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Welcome to my website. The content on this website has a Biblical Judeo-Christian focus and serves as the public platform of my work and ministry. 

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Devotional articles are added on a regular basis to help encourage believers towards spiritual growth. Read some articles.

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The Brancken Podcast is a free service where you can listen to or download relevant messages, analysis, music and more. It's a free service I provide to the world, so go for it!

Biblical Focus On Current World Events
Read articles and analysis that focuses on important and strategic world events that are taking place. Enjoy a prophetic perspective on what is happening right now. Take me there...

Disaster & Emergency Preparedness 
I aim to assist people to live a better prepared lifestyle. In this section you can read and download material to help you get better prepared for a disaster or emergency situation, whether natural or man-made. Let's prepare...

Life Alteration & Genetics
This section consists out of a number of articles I have written about the importance of not “messing” with God’s design of life. Special attention is given to Genetic Engineering and the creation of new species of life on planet earth through GRIN Technologies. It can get a bit technical, but it is very informative and the information I share is vital in understanding the drive behind many world events at this moment in time. Let's do it.

Listen to and download Praise & Worship music I have published over the years. Many of the songs are used in churches across South Africa, but take note, many songs are in Afrikaans.

The Prophetic 
Read my prophetic words and study articles to help you develop your prophetic gift. Prophetic training or read some prophetic words.

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Pay me a visit in New Zealand?
I serve as the leading Pastor of the Mairangi Bay Community Church in Auckland, New Zealand. Why not pay me a visit? Here I come...

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There are a number of ways in which you can get involved in supporting our work. Firstly, you can pray. Prayer forms an integral part of what we do. Without prayer we will not be able move forward. Please consider praying for us on a regular basis. Secondly, you can make financial donations via our secure online donation facility, PayPal. Thirdly, if you are a frequent flyer, consider donating your airline miles to help us bridge travel expenses.