Ministry Invitations

If you would like to invite Abri and his team to minister at an event in your city, please complete the Ministry Request Form (PDF 70kb). On the form you will find the guidelines and general parameters for all invitations he might consider.


We have developed the following general parameters for the requests that we are likely to accept.

1. We ask that all who are requesting ministry complete our Ministry Request Form. The completed form will supply us with important information needed so that we can consider your request.

2. It is the policy of Abri Brancken & Team that all members go out in teams of two or more. This provides team members with the necessary backing and mutual protection during ministry events and trips

3. We ask that meetings be sponsored by the hosting congregation or organization. As it is our goal to impact local communities, we prefer that churches work together in hosting events.

4. We view devotion to prayer by the inviting group, with a commitment to prayer covering before, during, and after our ministry, as essential for lasting impact in their community or the Body of Christ.

5. Because we are exhorted to “know those who labor among you,” we do like to know, and feel that we can work well with, other invited speakers and ministries.

6. We give the highest priority to invitations from those with whom we have developed a relationship or who are strongly recommended from someone we know and respect.

7. As we can only accept a limited number of ministry requests, we are seeking to reach the maximum number of people with each engagement.

8. Because we do not want to plant seeds that will not be watered, we will give the highest priority to meetings where there is a good plan for following up after our ministry.

9. Because we spend a lot of time in prayer during trips for ministry events, we request comfortable, peaceful accommodations for team members in a guest house or hotel with a clean, family environment. We request nonsmoking rooms, preferably as far away as possible from any bar, club, or other source of noise.

10. We request that a book table be available for our materials in a high traffic area for the meeting. We prefer to staff this table ourselves as this is done by those whom we consider ambassadors for our ministry, and it is also a good way to have more interchange with, and learn more about, the local community.

11. Because we consider discipling of others an important aspect of everything we do, we ask that selected disciples and/or students from our Worship Institute be permitted to accompany Abri Brancken & Team at their own expense if they are not a functioning member of the team. For those coming at their own expense, it is helpful if hospitality can be provided by local families when possible.

12. The only financial commitment that we require is for payment of our travel expenses in advance for our team member and companion, and that accommodations, meals, local travel, etc. for the team also be paid by the hosts. A love offering will be appreciated, although it is not required.

Our expenses for travel are generally as follows:
For traveling by airlines, unless otherwise specified by our hosts, we seek the lowest coach fares for guaranteed seats on a respected and good airline with a reputable reputation. The same applies to International travel, although there are certain airlines we prefer to fly on long distance flights. We will advise you with regards to preferred airlines.

Thank you for your interest in our ministry. Please understand that if your request for ministry departs significantly from the parameters listed, we can only accept it with a very specific leading from the Lord. After we receive the completed Ministry Request Form, it will be submitted to our Leadership Team for prayerful consideration. You will be notified of our decision as soon as we have an answer.

Thank you for your understanding in these matters.

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