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Altering God's Design
Altering God's Design by Dr. Abri Brancken (Ph.D) addresses the importance of upholding Biblical morals and ethics relating to the alteration and modification of plant, animal and human life on planet earth through the use of GRIN Technologies. Special attention is given to the ethics of creating “new species” of life by blending human and animal cells through genetic engineering.

This book is an eye opener to those who are unaware of the fact that the very existence of humanity is under threat due to dangerous alterations that are being made to the human genetic structure in laboratories around the world. At this very moment in time a number of the GRIN Technologies are being used with the purpose to ‘redesign’ ourselves as humans into a new version, Humans 2.0. The truth is that we are rapidly progressing towards a “New Era” in the course of human history, one that might not be as perfect as we would want it to be.

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Biblical principles on how to make it through a financial crisis
This book will provide you with Biblical wisdom and guidelines in how to adjust your lifestyle and your focus during a financial crisis, recession or depression. My aim is to share with you some Biblically-based alternatives to the everyday conventional financial thinking as well as some practical tips on what to do when going through a financial crisis. To follow Biblical principles pertaining to financial management, especially during a financial storm, can be challenging as it requires great courage to question and even go against the foundations upon which our modern day financial system is built.

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How to Deal With Offence
In this compact book, Dr. Abri Brancken provides practical guidelines on how you can deal with offence in your life. An offence left unresolved sets in motion a very definite and forceful momentum towards disappointment and failure. The good news is that if you have been held captive through taking an offence, you can be delivered and set free. By applying the principles of God’s Word, the Bible, you can be restored and so can your broken relationships that came as a result of offence.

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No More Fear
This book provides you with the information to help you live your life less affected by fear. Once you have read it, you will understand the causes and effects of fear much better. But more importantly, you will have the tools and knowledge to help you deal with fear in a dynamic way in your everyday life. A large number of the strategies and principles shared in this book on how to deal with fear are rooted in Biblical truth.

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3 Dynamics Books in 1
This book, “3 Dynamic Books in 1” includes the following short, yet dynamic books:

Book 1: How to deal with offence
Book 2: How your words affect your life
Book 3: No more fear – How to be free from fear

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How Your Words Affect Your Life
In this condensed book, How Your Words Affect Your Life, Dr. Abri Brancken sheds light on the importance of speaking positive words. Most people are unaware of the power that words have. Words are much more than mere sounds. In fact, the Bible teaches that your words can steer your life either towards blessings or curses. This quick read book will help you to understand why it is important for you to refrain from speaking negative words over others as well as your own life.

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Disaster & Emergency Preparedness
The time to prepare for any disaster is before it happens. In Disaster and Emergency Preparedness – Know the basics, Abri Brancken provides you, the reader, with a number of easy steps that you can take in living a better prepared lifestyle. As you read this book, you will familiarize yourself with the basic skills and knowledge required to recognize and respond to a number of disaster and emergency situations, whether natural or man-made. If you are new to the field of personal preparedness this book will assist you and your family in taking the first steps toward living a better prepared lifestyle.

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Reflections – 15 Short Devotional Articles, Vol 1
In this book, REFLECTIONS – 15 SHORT DEVOTIONAL ARTICLES, VOLUME 1, DR. ABRI BRANCKEN covers a variety of topics, such as; faith, fear, holiness, forgiveness, growing old, and much more. These short devotional articles will inspire, motivate and encourage you in your relationship the God. They are quick and easy to read and will help you to refocus your daily attention on the LORD and His wonderful plan for your life.

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