About Israel
Many people believe it is better to dwell in the deserts of Israel than to live in the palaces of kings. The history of the Jewish people and of their roots in the Land of Israel spans some 3500 years. Israel is a land of diversity and beauty. It is a land filled with mystery and destiny and you are about to partake of it. It is a delight for us to welcome you as part of God’s team that will be visiting His homeland. As part of God’s family, no one belongs there more than you!

Our Worship & Teaching Tour is not your average tour where you will partake in the typical tourist experiences. Rather, it is intended to encourage and challenge you towards a deeper spiritual relationship with the King of kings, Jesus (Yeshua) the Messiah! This tour will lead to spiritual self-discovery as you experience Israel with its countless beautiful landscapes, richness of fragrances and wonderful people that all serve to remind you of our Lord Jesus who came to dwell on this specific part of earth for 33 years.

Over the next couple of months, building up to the tour, we will communicate with you on a regular basis via email, social media and/or text messages. We will email you all the necessary documents and information you need to properly prepare for your trip. I would also like to encourage you to seek God’s face during the coming weeks as you prepare yourself spiritually for what the Lord is about to do in your life on this tour. He has called you for such a time as this!