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The Bible is the only known “religious document” with hundreds of historically verifiable prophecies that have consistently been fulfilled throughout the centuries. This proves that the Author of the Bible is not human, but God himself. Sermons will be uploaded as the series progresses during Nov & Dec 2019. To watch this series online, click here

The Power of Adoption
A Pastor's personal testimony of hope

Listen to Abri's testimony of hope about God's faithfulness in his life as he shares his story of how he was adopted as a baby. While adoptees share some common experiences, no two stories are the same.
To listen to or download Abri's testimony in MP3 format, click here.

The Coming Clash Of Civilizations (Article)

This article was originally published on brancken.net on the 15th of May 2012. Today we are witnessing the dangers and consequences that Abri warned about regarding the FORCED multiculturalism in Europe. Read this article...  

Disaster & Emergency Preparedness

The time to prepare is before a disaster occurs. There are a number of different types of incidents that can affect your life in a major way. No matter what the threat, there are basic steps that you can take to be better prepared. Read more...

Paperback & eBooks

Download Abri's quick and easy to read inspirational books. Aimed at the person on the go... Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore & Lulu. For more information and to read a short description on each book, click here...

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